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Writing under the pen name Ghiselle St. James, Ghiselle was born and raised in Jamaica, West Indies (cue “Welcome to Jamrock” by Damion ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley…LOL).

Born to a teacher for a mother and a graphic artist for a father, she developed a knack for writing as early as 9 years old, writing songs for her adoptive sister. By 13 years old, Ghiselle was writing mildly erotic content for her high school audience, where she became very popular with the boys. For years, she had stopped writing novels, having found an intense love for music. For a while, her dream was to become a singer, but writing was still in her veins. From writing songs to poems, Ghiselle poured her heart out on paper.

After graduating high school, she attended the Jamaica Theological Seminary (ha-ha, yes) where she received a Bachelors in Social Work with honors. It was upon graduating that her writing instincts kicked into overdrive, writing some of her deepest, most touching poems, social commentary with a comedic flair, and finally, her very first adult novel.

Being the perfectionist she is, Ghiselle refused to release this book for publishing as she did not feel confident about her writing. While completing her third novel, she was inspired to write South Row, after getting a vision of the title and blurb in her dreams. She fell in love with the story immediately and worked tirelessly to complete it. Her first novel, South Row, is now available on Amazon, as is her second, Tainted Love.

Ghiselle works full time, but always finds the time to write, read and sing. She has been married to the same man for almost four years and has no children, but hopes to give her handsome baby, Panthro the cat, a human brother or sister someday. She has one brother, two sisters and three nieces…that she knows about. Lol!

She enjoys singing, dancing and acting. If she’s not reading or writing, you will most definitely find her listening to music and singing at the top of her voice. She spends her summers at a Christian youth camp where she counsels and mentors children and teens, and has done plenty of volunteer work with disadvantaged children and teens, living in inner-city communities.


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